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    "This closet organizing kit is amazing! My closet is so small and I never thought it was possible to love it SO much! The color coding system is great too! Can't say enough about this plan!"

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    What you get:

    The kit includes our Small Closet Organization Cheat-sheet & our Color Coding Chart for you to use to your heart's content. FREE PDF DOWNLOAD.

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    Small Closet Organization Cheat-sheet

    BONUS: Color Coding Chart

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    Make your small closet a space you love!

    Start your day in a positive way. This small closet organization cheat-sheet:

    • Saves you a ton of time everyday
    • Allows you to find the clothes that you want to wear easily
    • Makes finding new pairings of wardrobe items quick and easy
    • Creates a space that is functional and looks great!
    • BONUS: Includes Color Coding Chart

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